iCAT 2018 Invited lectures

Andrej Moli─Źnik
Orthopaedic department, University Clinical Centre Maribor, Slovenia
The use of Patient Specific Instruments in Clinical Praxis
Revision hip arthroplasty presents a huge challenge in front of the surgeon because of the defects caused by the loose acetabular component. Using modern 3D planning techniques combined with additively manufactured patient-specific instruments and implants surgical problems can be foreseen and surgical outcome predicted.

A process of 3D planning of replacement of an acetabular component will be presented on a case of a defect with a huge bone loss estimated at level IIIa according to Paprosky. The planning was based on CT scans of the affected area and performed in interdisciplinary cooperation among surgeons and mechanical engineers. This cooperation combined surgical experiences and knowledge of surgeons with knowledge of engineers in using 3D design tools and mechanical calculation. The cooperation resulted in a virtual 3D plan and 3D printed communication models and implants that enabled flawless communication among the team members and predictable outcome of the surgery.