We have also invited certain notable guests to share their expertise in the field of 3D printing and its future applications.

Miha Antonič
Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Sternal Reconstruction Using 3D-Printed Titanium Custom-Made Prosthesis for Sternal Dehiscence After Cardiac Surgery

Abstract: Sternal dehiscence is an important complication that increases mortality and morbidity in cardiac surgery. Titanium plates have been used to reconstruct the chest wall for a long time. However, with the rise of 3D printing technology, a more sophisticated method, is making a breakthrough. Custom-made 3D-printed titanium prostheses are increasingly used in chest wall reconstruction because they allow almost perfect fitting to the patient's chest wall and lead to good functional and cosmetic results. This report presents a complex anterior chest wall reconstruction using a custom-made titanium 3D-printed implant in a patient with a sternal dehiscence after coronary artery bypass surgery. At first, reconstruction of the sternum was performed using conventional methods, which failed to give adequate results. Finally, a 3D-printed titanium custom-made prosthesis was used for the first time in our center. On the short- and mid-term follow up, good functional results were achieved. In conclusion, this method is suitable for sternal reconstruction after complications in the healing process of median sternotomy wounds in cardiac surgery, especially where other methods do not provide satisfactory results.